Path of Shadow – Path of Light

Hello! Welcome to Moonlight Path. I made this blog in hopes to one day tell my story and my journey in the craft. Like most people who delve into the world of magick, I started off researching Wicca. My issue with Wicca is that it is a faith of translated research. It derives from original and traditional ways and puts them into a modern framework.

There are lots of things I do like about Wicca. Paganism wouldn’t be as booming as it is today without our founders. Though with Wicca, it has turned into solely white magic or those on the right-hand path. I understand why it happened this way. For generations witchcraft was outlawed, people killed over it, exiled, shunned. We were labeled as heathens and heretics in a derogatory sense. Pagans all around the world are starting to reclaim those words as well as the controversial title of “witch.” Witches are not necessarily Pagan and Pagans aren’t necessarily witches. Witches practice magic in one of its many forms or they choose an eclectic approach and study the various methods.

I think the age of Wicca has turned into the common practice of eclectic witchcraft. Light does not always equate to good as shadow does not always equate to evil. I have studied the craft for over twelve years and during that time I have read many books and witnessed many perspectives. While learning, it is important to respect the culture behind the magic and to not use it recklessly. I think everyone who practices has had to learn a lesson or two, whether you believe in Karma or not.

In this place, I hope to teach about balance. I have studied other people for years, been a student, collecting pieces of a never-ending puzzle. Here, I hope to spread my knowledge and gnosis so you can share my experience with me. I will share rites with you that I have written, provide credible sources for traditional craft, show you how to make spells work, etc. This is a community with no bias for white magic or black magic. We are the craft. We are grey witches. We are eclectic, ever-seeking knowledge. And within our knowledge, we will have power.